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About us 

MoonLoop is more than just an actuarial consulting business

Our mission

Our mission ​

To serve our clients by delivering high-performance actuarial modelling services, tools and processes in the most efficient way possible.

Our Essence

To work in a truly creative and thought-provoking way that reassesses common problems from completely new angles. 

We value simplicity over complexity, and we want to be known for the speed, energy, and openness of our approach.

Our social impact

We’re a team of actuarial consultants who believe in driving change in the wider world. As part of this process, we’re actively committed to changing the lives of young people across Africa.

MoonLoop way

We prioritise the success of our clients by delivering scalable, flexible and adaptable actuarial modelling services. When it’s time to achieve success, nothing less will do.

Why choose us

Because we have a wealth of resources and a constant flow of valuable ideas and practical solutions customised specifically for you and your business

Because we truly believe in offering outstanding servicewhich requires more than just ideas, solutions and value for money : it is a matter of providing them in the most effective and timely manner possible

Because we have a strong "family" culture within the company, we guarantee that all team members are approchable, professional and fully dedicated to providing the best service.

Because we are always present for our clients and enjoy direct points of contact with their designated partners and managers


Because we strongly invest in training and resources to ensure that all of our staff have the necessary skills to ensure that your business always receives relevant, value-added and practical advice.

Because we care, our goal is simple; to help clients realize their business objectives. We truly believe that helping people achieving their goals, will enable us to achieve ours.


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