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Our Expertise 

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Core services


Model implementation

Model development

On demand

IFRS17 support

Every solution we develop is based on agile design principles with a clear focus on delivering working solution when implementing or migrating the new actuarial model. We support our clients on all areas of the development cycle:

We combine a technological and practical approach to deliver actuarial solutions. We provide solutions tailored to your modelling methodologies and business requirements:

Our clients are asking for a different kind of consulting. MoonLoop has a highly skilled team of actuaries and analysts who can use modelling to help our clients respond to challenges and fluctuations in demand. We provide them with tailored solutions:

Using actuarial expertise to solve wider challenges across insurance businesses, our team’s variety of skillsets have enabled us to deliver complex customer solutions. We provide comprehensive solutions for the IFRS17 challenges:

  • Scoping

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Model Testing

  • Documentation

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Model Integration

  • NearShore modelling Services

  • Model Optimisation

  • Library Upgrade

  • Asset liability modelling

  • Advanced modelling techniques

  • Pre-Scoping

  • Peer review services

  • Tools Training

  • Proof of concept

  • Process streamline

  • Data management services

  • Implementing regulations

  • IFRS17 process services

  • Data process services

  • Data Warehousing

  • CSM Engine testing

  • Business Intelligence solutions

Supplementary services


Software Development

As a trusted technology and support partner, we’re delivering first-choice software development services, products and support for our customers. By joining forces with the market-leading technology providers, we ensure you have easy access to the software and services you need, at a price that reflects our scale.

  • Required analysis

  • Design & development

  • Quality assurance testing

  • Implementation 

  • Deployment & launch

  •  Maintenance & support

Insurance Management

We support insurers on the claim management, governance, and process improvement the current process in order to achieve cost savings, increase the quality of production and more efficient time management.

  • Claims administration

  • Claim processing

  • Diagnostic reporting

  • Unit-Linked management

  • Market research

  • Tools development 

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